Welcome to Kappl Heating & Air Conditioning

At Kappl Heating & Air Conditioning, it is our mission to assist our customers in the creation of an environment with superior indoor air quality, and preserve the value of our customers' equipment through maintenance, or replacement where economically prudent.  We leverage our more than 20 years experience in the HVAC industry to continue to grow, while maintaining a personal relationship with each of our customers.  Kappl's vision is to impress our customers with our service and the quality of our products to the point that they will refer us to others, and rely on a diverse mix of residential and commercial customers.


We are proud of our designation from Trane® as a Comfort Specialist. That's a great compliment for us and that also benefits you. As a Trane® Comfort Specialist we have met the rigorous expectations that Trane® has for a heating and cooling dealer: we are independent and we are committed to delivering the highest quality installation, service and customer service in the heating and cooling industry. You have to do more than 'try' to be the best – you have to succeed to be a Trane® Comfort Specialist. At Kappl Heating & Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to continuing education. We study and learn with our team every week to bring our customers the best of who we are and what we can do to serve you better. As a Trane– Comfort Specialist we stay up to date with the latest technology which means, as a customer, you are buying a system that is designed for maximum efficiency, comfort and reliability.

We strive to keep this Trane® designation. It means that you get the best we have to offer in equipment and service.

If your system is 8 years or older, it may be costing you 40-60% more in utility bills every month!  Today's systems have a much higher efficiency which saves you money and makes your home more comfortable.

Let our professionally trained heating and cooling technicians service, repair, and maintain your system to ensure your system is working properly, minimizing downtime and running efficiently all year long.

We understand that financing is important to your budget so we offer affordable plans to help you replace your old heating and cooling system. We also offer seasonal rebates and discounts.